We believe we have a niche in small business lending. We appreciate the time, energy, and effort it takes to run a business, and therefore we are sensitive to your needs. Instead of offering boxed products, we like to tailor our loans to the specific needs of each customer. As you’re reading the general descriptions of the types of lending we offer, remember that we will be creative in trying to find a solution to help with your financing needs.

We are Small Business Experts who are Still Lending to Main Street!

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Lines of Credit

Meramec Valley Bank has lines of credit that can provide your business with working capital to fund the short term needs of your operation. Our lines of credit can be used to fund payroll, purchase inventory, or launch a new marketing plan. Lines of credit can be set up to support one time needs, fund recurring seasonal short falls, or provide permanent revolving lines of credit to finance accounts receivable and inventory while your operation grows. Amounts can vary. Upon approval, your company will have easy access to a predetermined pool of money. Access to these funds is simple; just call or use our Internet Banking service, and the funds will be credited to your Meramec Valley Bank checking account. One of our loan officers will be happy to help you determine the best loan amount or cash management service to support your business.

Equipment & Expansion Loans

Meramec Valley Bank can help you purchase that new piece of equipment that your business needs to enhance operations. From a backhoe to a box truck to a new computer system, purchasing and repayment terms can be tailored to best fit your specific needs.

Small Business Administration Loan

Over the years Meramec Valley Bank has helped many customers tap into the assistance offered by the SBA. If your business can be benefited by the support of an SBA loan, then we can assist you with a loan Guaranteed by the SBA. Click here for a direct link to the SBA Website.